About Us

YOU Provide the Fantasy, WE Create It Into REALITY!

WE Create Visions You Only Dream About! Designing is Our First Love and Customer Service is Our Priority! We Created a Team that takes Pride in making sure EVERY Client is Satisfied and yourVision is Executed above and beyond what is required of US for Every EVENT!


Our Story

My designing career began when I stepped out on Faith and agreed to do my brother's wedding for them. I was in complete denial when asked because I didn't want to ruin the most important day of their lives,(my first time decorating) but they told me they had complete faith in me and I accepted. I catered, planned, coordinated, and designed their wedding! "What was I thinking," but it turned out to be a complete success and a hidden passion, that I never knew I had. I began taking steps on becoming OFFICIAL! I shortly became a Licensed Planner and my career took off Immediately! After 15 years of Being a Licensed Stylist, I became a Licensed Designer/Licensed Planner and that was the BEST choice I ever made. I get to build new relationships with client; that last a lifetime, bring visions to reality, and Most Importantly; be the first to witness the SMILES of my clients! We have been in business for over 9 years and God has allowed our business to Progress; SUCCESSFULLY! He is the CEO of our business! We strive in making every event elegant, unforgettable, and possess its very own "Signature Style" for each client!

Meet the Team


Hi, I'm Yhachia Rivers! I am the CEO/Principal Designer of A Perfect Affair Event Designing, LLC; I'm the Inspirational Creator of all layouts and design schemes for Every Event. When I began my business; I prayed for a vision to be different and a vision that ONLY "GOD" manifests for my clients! I bring to this design platform; Originality, Creativity, Elegance, Style, Great Customer Service, and UNFORGETTABLE smiles, to Every client and I can combine them ALL in one event! We Create Realities, You Only Dream About! Our clients Provide the Fantasy and WE Create them Into Reality! I'm passionate and take pride in my clients' vision. We never change it; we ONLY Enhance their "Signature Style"  with PERFECTION!


Meet Sandra Husser!  She joined our team in 2015. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration and she is very detailed about her work. She brings structure, laughter, joy, and a passionate vibe always and she always tops it with a genuine smile! Her priority is making the clients happy at all times! She is my Supervisor of Design/Decor!  She also possesses her expertise in custom drapery installation.  She adds Life and a Positive Atmosphere to the business!


Meet Nyleijah Rivers! She joined the team in 2016! She is the Supervisor Assistant and does remarkable in Assisting Designs/Decor! She is very formative when it comes to design standards! She brings consistency, genuine spirit, eagerness to advance in designing, passion, attentiveness, personality, and a smile that could light up the room! she enjoys our clients' reactions and satisfaction! She adds Balance and Excitement to the business!

...And this is my Team; A Small Team with Big Visions, BUT GOD!!! Toegther, WE ARE "A Perfect Affair Event Designing."